Resources for DeFi and TELx

Step 8: Claiming Rewards

TELx operates on the Polygon (MATIC) network, so please keep this in mind as we go through the guide

  1. After some time has passed you should be able to view the accumulated rewards you have received in the "Rewards" section of the TELx website. In order to see this section you will need to go back to the main "SMS Network" page by clicking here: TELx Bar 2.jpg
    Then you will see this: TELx SMS Network.jpg

  2. Whenever you are ready to claim those rewards simply click the "Claim" button at the bottom and confirm the transaction in you Web3 Wallet. TEL USDC Claim.jpg

  3. You can continue to do this as often as you'd like and compound the rewards back into the pool to increase your percentage of ownership, which will increase the amount of rewards you will receive.

You have now successfully went through the entire guide and should be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Download and Setup a Web3 Wallet
  • Transfer Funds (Fiat) to your Web3 Wallet
  • Transfer Funds from Ethereum to Polygon Network
  • Adding Polygon (MATIC) Network to Web3 Wallet
  • Swap Tokens
  • Provide Liquidity
  • Stake Liquidity
  • Claim Rewards

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us via TELxCommunity on Twitter.