Resources for DeFi and TELx

Step 7: Staking Liquidity

TELx operates on the Polygon (MATIC) network, so please keep this in mind as we go through the guide

Now you will want to head to the TELx Site and find the pool that you provided liquidity too. In our example we are using TEL/USDC 80/20 so you will need to navigate to the "SMS Network" portion of the site using the link at the top right side of the screen.
TELx Bar.jpg
Then, find the TEL/USDC 80/20 pool and click on it. TEL USDC.jpg

  1. When you scroll to the bottom of the pool screen you will see a section that shows "Stake" and "Unstake", make sure you are on the "Stake" section. TELx Stake.jpg
    The first time you do this it will ask for your approval to use your Web3 Wallet on the TELx site. Click "Approve" and wait until it is confirmed.

  2. Next, you will see that the "Wallet Balance" shows the amount of LPTs you hold in your wallet. You will indicate how many of your LPTs you would like to stake in box below your wallet balance (you will likely utilize the "MAX" button so that you receive the maximum amount of rewards for your pool contributions).
    TELx Stake Pop.jpg
    You will then see this screen. Click "Stake" once more. Preview Stake LPT.jpg
    Again, it will ask you to confirm this transaction in your wallet. Review the information in your Web3 Wallet and click "Confirm" when you are ready.

  3. You will notice a pop-up on the bottom left side of the screen saying the transaction is "Pending". Once the transaction completes it will update and let you know that you have successfully staked your LPTs on the TELx site! LPT Staked.jpg

Congrats!! You are now officially a Liquidity Provided with TELx and a part of the TELxFam!!

Again, if you are better with videos, please check out this video from the Telcoin team HERE.