Resources for DeFi and TELx

Step 6: Providing Liquidity

TELx operates on the Polygon (MATIC) network, so please keep this in mind as we go through the guide

  1. Now that you have the associated tokens to invest in the pool, you'll need to navigate to the "Pool" section in the top left corner of the Balancer website.
    Balancer Bar 3.jpg

  2. Find the section that says "Filter by Token", Balancer Pools.jpg
    Click on "Filter by token" and type "TEL in the search bar. Bal TEL Search.jpg

  3. A list of all the available pools that contain TEL will appear. Search for the pool of choice (in our example this will be the TEL 80% USDC 20% pool) and click on it. Balancer Tel Pools.jpg

  4. You will see a button the right-hand side of the screen that says "Add Liquidity", click on it. Bal Pool Balance.jpg
    The two tokens will appear and you will have the ability to input the amount you are looking to invest. You can also click on the "max" button if you have decided to put the full amount into the pool. Bal Pool Add Liq.jpg

  5. Once this is complete you will click on the "Preview" button at the bottom. It will then ask you to "Add Liquidity", click on that. Bal Liq Preview.jpg
    Now your Web3 Wallet extension should pop up asking you to confirm the transaction. Review to ensure that the information is correct and, when you are ready, click "Confirm". Confirm Tx.jpg
    A pending icon will show up on the bottom left corner and will remain until the transaction is completed.
    Add Liq Pend.jpg

You have successfully added liquidity to your first TELx Pool!
You will now have a Liquidity Pool Token (LPT) in your Web3 Wallet which you will use to stake on TELx (that's our next step).
If videos are more your learning style, Telcoin put this great video together on all of the steps mentioned above HERE